An OLPC Development Model

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed May 7 16:07:31 EDT 2008

On 07.05.2008, at 21:46, Dennis Gilmore wrote:

> On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> Well, my trust in OLPC is being probed every other day. I take your
>> word, and I trust a few other people there, but I also have to
>> acknowledge that priorities at OLPC are changing. So much so that  
>> some
>> of the people I trusted most are leaving.
>> And it's certainly no coincidence that the list of activities in  
>> olpc3
>> is what Kim wanted in ticket 6598. You certainly remember the
>> discussions.
>> We'll see. If this fear is unfunded, all the better.
> have you even looked at the build.log
> you would see
> Parsing package install arguments
> No package fonts-thai-ttf available.
> No package olpc-library-core available.
> No package olpc-library-common available.
> No package olpc-licenses available.
> No package squeak-vm available.
> No package etoys available.
> No package olpc-logos available.
> No package olpc-hardware-manager available.
> No package olpc-utils available.
> No package libabiword available.
> No package pyabiword available.
> No package libabiword-plugins available.
> No package GConf2-dbus available.
> No package hulahop available.
> Resolving Dependencies

What does this have to do with the activities list being trimmed down?  
(or selected activities being added - not sure if you started from a  
build with or without activities)

> this is not because we dont want these things only that i'm trying  
> to get
> built up a environment that will at least boot and allow for  
> testing.   the
> only reason ive not yet announced anything is because it doesnt boot  
> let
> alone provide something that is useful for testing and moving forward.

The squeak-vm and etoys rpms and srpms are in my joyride public rpm  
repo. They should work fine. If not, let me know.

- Bert -

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