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Thu May 1 17:01:05 EDT 2008

> There's a deployment guide that gives a lot of good advice, but it
> is not a public document and I only have an old draft of it.

If you are referring to the Deployment Guide that I wrote, it is
posted in the wiki:



On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 4:00 PM, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at> wrote:
> Giulia D'Amico wrote:
>  > Bernie,
>  >
>  > It's great your support for Sugar, but before taking any decision,
>  > please be avare that the Municipality of Florence in primis but also all
>  > those financing the program in the city never make this kind of request.
>  > The Muncipality of Florence needs to know that OLPC won't be able to
>  > support custom builds
>  This, or the laptops will have to remain in English.  I don't think this
>  is acceptable for the municipality.  Also, OLPC support for regular builds
>  at this time is limited to one new release every 6 months.
>  > and those laptops will be isolated and not connected to OLPC server.
>  There's actually no necessity to isolate the laptops just get them in
>  Italian.  However, the only benefits would be:
>   - check for OS updates, which are going to be issued every 6 months
>    or so;
>   - check for the "remote-kill" feature which is part of the anti-theft
>    scheme, and has never been enabled in any deployment country to my
>    knowledge.
>  What OLPC means by "not supported" should not be overstated.  Kim may
>  want to correct me on this, but the way I interpret it is: "please don't
>  call us if your custom build has problems".  Of course, when one finds a
>  problem that can be reproduced also in Update.1, you can report it and
>  ask it to be fixed in the next release, of course, subject to the severity
>  of the problem and the available engineering resources.
>  The reality of things is a much more relaxed relationship than what
>  contractual clauses normally states: the bug database is publicly
>  accessible and the OLPC support gang and developers are usually
>  available online to help users solve these problems.
>  > As second, Florence designetd some laptops to
>  > developing countries, in this case will you also build locale expertise??
>  This is why I thought it was strange that Florence would order the
>  laptops directly.  We need to plan ahead what types of keyboards, and
>  what language the laptops should come with.
>  In case the keyboard needs to be designed, it will take some time.
>  To support a new language, we should coordinate with volunteers of
>  the target cities.  Some languages, such as Amharic, present additional
>  difficulties that need to be analyzed by OLPC.
>  There's a deployment guide that gives a lot of good advice, but it
>  is not a public document and I only have an old draft of it.
>  I could do some of this work myself, but we should again consider how
>  this work will not appear in an official OLPC build until the next
>  formal release 6 months from now.
>  > I don't think it is Florence's desire, but I can be wrong. In both
>  > cases, I will ask specifically the Deputy Mayor of Florence (who signed
>  > the agreement) to put everything on paper about their specific requirements.
>  Sure, that would be best.
>  What I asked above is what the people of OLPC Italia who are presumably
>  going to deploy and support the laptops asked for.  So it may be best for
>  them to meet again with the deputy major next week and find a common plan.
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