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It's great your support for Sugar, but before taking any decision, please be avare that the Municipality of Florence in primis but also all those financing the program in the city never make this kind of request. The Muncipality of Florence needs to know that OLPC won't be able to support custom builds and those laptops will be isolated and not connected to OLPC server. As second, Florence designetd some laptops to developing countries, in this case will you also build locale expertise??
I don't think it is Florence's desire, but I can be wrong. In both cases, I will ask specifically the Deputy Mayor of Florence (who signed the agreement) to put everything on paper about their specific requirements.
Thank you.<html><div></div></html>> Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 10:25:13 +0200> From: bernie at> To: kim at> CC: cscott at; turco at; devel at; giulia_d_amico at> Subject: Re: Signed build for Italy> > Kim Quirk wrote:> > > Hi Bernie,> > Yes SKU 23 will come from Quanta with the 'ak' flag set (no activation > > lease needed). To 'roll' your own builds, you will need developer keys.> > Ok.> > > > I can make you the technical contact on the activation server to get the > > developer keys, or you can designate someone else.> > Ok. I will delegate to Torello, who is based in Florence permanently.> > > > You can get the list of laptop serial numbers electronically from > > Brightstar when production is finished (check with Nicole Dallow). Use > > that at the activation server to get your own dev keys.> > Ok.> > > > I think you understand the fact that OLPC won't be able to support > > custom builds, so I would recommend that you try to build some local > > expertise as quickly as possible.> > I think they understand that. I'm pretty confident there's adequate> expertise around here: Francesco has a for-profit which employs several> programmers; Torello has ported some educational software to the> laptop already; My former company also employs several Linux and> Python hackers, one of which has been contributing to OLPC already.> > In my mind, if we play this card well, I'm confident Florence could> set an example of how a deployment could truly act as a contributing> member of a wider olpc community rather than just a customer.> > > > If there are bugs that seem critical > > to Italy, you will have to have people to fix them locally and recreate > > the custom builds, etc.> > The alternative to this, anyway, seems that Florence would have to> request a bug fixed to OLPC, and wait until the next release in> August or something to get it. Or do we plan to issue micro-updates> for critical bugs in the future?> > With Scott's help, I think I know how to interpolate this part.> We already have a nice build infrastructure that makes branching> and rebasing on official builds very easy (as we do for the "faster"> branch).> > In my mind, the only way to scale the diverse needs of a growing> number of deployments is to distribute development as much as> possible.> > Turkey seems to have even more demands: they ask for mpeg playback,> the ability to chat with adults, and so on. A side note: they also> badly want to rename Pippy because apparently it's an obscenity in> Turkish :-)> > > > It would be great if appropriate patches can be pushed back up to OLPC.> > Of course. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise.> > -- > \___/> _| o | Bernie Innocenti -> \|_X_| "It's an education project, not a laptop project!"
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