Signed Build for Italy

Bryan Berry bryan.berry at
Thu May 1 22:02:49 EDT 2008

>This, or the laptops will have to remain in English.  I don't think
>is acceptable for the municipality.  Also, OLPC support for regular
>at this time is limited to one new release every 6 months.

Sorry to chime in so late, but the Italian team can change the language
in the firmware w/out permanently disabling security.

from Forth:  
OK disable-security
OK disable-security
OK change-tag LO it_IT.UTF-8   (whatever the codes are for Italy)
OK enable-security

w/ these steps you can go back to firmware security and Sugar would
default to Italian.
>What OLPC means by "not supported" should not be overstated.  Kim may
>want to correct me on this, but the way I interpret it is: "please
>call us if your custom build has problems".  Of course, when one finds
>problem that can be reproduced also in Update.1, you can report it and
>ask it to be fixed in the next release, of course, subject to the
>of the problem and the available engineering resources.

The other nagging issue w/ using stable releases from OLPC is that you
have to change the Jabber server manually to the local Jabber server.
That's a lot of work on several thousand XO's. I have an unproven theory
that the XMPP traffic can disable networking on XO's when you get more
than 40 XO's in a small space and using AP's. This is just from
anecdotal not serious research.


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