Upgrade G1G1 using autoreinstallation method

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon Jun 16 15:57:58 EDT 2008

On Jun 14, 2008, at 6:09 AM, David Leeming wrote:

> Hi John,
> To see if we could duplicate our problem, we tried with another AP:  
> We have
> a VSAT set up near the village where we are deploying a trial with 50
> children in PNG. It has a reliable wireless AP and you can  
> associate both
> "grown up" laptops and XOs no problems. The XOs will then see the  
> Internet
> and also other XOs and the activities will share OK. This AP has a  
> server on the wireless side. In fact, there is no other as the AP  
> connects
> straight to the VSAT modem, which does not have DHCP set up, via a  
> switch.
> If one pulls the cable out on the LAN side of the AP the XOs cease  
> to share
> and quickly drop out and look for the mesh. So, this duplicated the  
> problem
> I described.

More and more interesting.

Have you been able to follow up on what Pia Waugh found ?   Does it
seem relevant ?

> I am now told that a jabber service is needed to keep the XOs  
> interested and
> reliably collaborating, that maybe is the cause? Do you concur?

You absolutely don't need a jabber server for laptops to associate with
an access point.   Something else is wrong here.

>> Not knowing more about what you've done, I have
>> to ask a lot of v. simple questions.
>> When you say "move on", you have manually associated each
>> laptop with the AP once, right ?   And the ESSID hasn't changed ?
>> How realiable is the failure ?   Do all XOs "move on" to mesh
>> mode, or is this only a problem with a (random) few ?


>> How many XOs on each channel ?

?   As JG mentions, if you have too many laptops per AP, this is
a known problem.  How many are you trying ?

>> You could be seeing a failure of DHCP to actually occur.
>> Have you checked /var/log/messages on a failing laptop ?


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