CIS solar charging-correct list?

Stan. SWAN stan.swan at
Tue Jul 29 17:00:09 EDT 2008

Richard Thanks for feedback on my NZ midwinter solar charging
trials. I'm pretty experienced with the technicalities of solar PV
(although this is the first CIS/CIGS panel I'd worked with), & was
certainly aware of that 10V cutout (& similar cutout at ~23V).

That heavy overcast image was really just included to show low light
CIS performance- the XO "load" being incidental ! Naturally bright sun
charging is the desirable norm- the other sunny pix showing the 10W
CIS PV providing ~600mA (more than it's rating in fact!) .

I'm very aware of XO mechanical "pull cord" offerings (& fatigue
issues arising) & increasingly ponder just what charging approach is
shaping up as best suited for cash strapped totally off grid users?!
Irrespective of any fine tuning, ~20Wh needs to be provided for a full
charge, & if over a 3hr period this means ~6 Watts (perhaps as 12V @

Given all the attendant field issues & costs that alternative
generation involves,only solar PV can really cost effectively "cut the
mustard" I feel!

 Stan. in NZ

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