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> Greetings- in spite of numerous xxxx at categories I
> can't find any concerned with solar charging! Can someone please
> direct me, as  => devel at seems essentially software.

Peripherals at, copied here.

> The need arises after being asked to post my recent findings on
> charging a OLPC with a new release 10W CIS PV. Tests were made in the
> New Zealand winter (which is mostly very sunny with extremely clear
> air) ,& although the CIS PV worked wonderfully- especially off angle
> &under overcast skies (when it outperformed a 20W polyX PV) - initial
> results indicate 10W PVs are marginal for OLPC/XO.
> Check pix => & =>
> Given the essential need to charge in regions totally devoid of mains
> power (in our case inland New Guinea),the solar quest is naturally
> pretty crucial to the whole rollout. It's otherwise akin to being
> given a 4WD Mercedes, but with no ongoing fuel supply....

Yes, I am putting together a group to research electricity, Internet
connections, and microfinance in order to get XOs to the poorest and
most remote villages.

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