Faster Launch of Activities

riccardo riccardo.lucchese at
Tue Jul 15 05:47:24 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-15 at 05:01 -0400, Greg Smith wrote:
> description?
> It would be useful to see a comparison of build 656 v 703 v 708 v
> latest 
> joyride. That's a lot so just 703 (last release image) vs latest
> Joyride 
> would the top priority.
I'm not instrumenting the code but using a stopwatch so timings are a
bit rough.

The test:
- reboot the machine
- wait that jfss2_gcd_mtd0 finishes hogging the cpu
  (around 50 secs from when the shell is displayed)
- go to the listview
- for every activity (one at time), from the drop menu->start and take
the time until the full window redrawn

- do it again from point (*) if you want to see the difference between
first startup and 'warm' startup

I also use to gather stats with Picker while doing the test, to see
what processes are taking more cpu time; it also helps to catch
conditions where activities are fully redrawn at time x but really are
fully loaded at x+20sec (easy to see in etoys and browse).

Are both first and second launch timings needed ?

> Michael,
> What is the latest version of Joyride that people should be testing?
> I re-read your status e-mail July 12 and didn't see it in there: 
> I didn't click on all the links so let me know if I missed it
> somewhere.


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