Home View appearance

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Tue Jul 8 14:38:27 EDT 2008

Not 'Home View', but still:
>> Another problem is that the Activity button (the 4th zoom level) can
>> select the Journal if that was the last active activity. It has an own
>> button so I cannot see any reason why it has to be the way it is. It is
>> an annoyance that when I download several things then go from Browse to
>> the Journal, open the pdf in Read, close Read and click the button it
>> switches back to Journal and not Browse. It should not treat Journal as
>> an application.
Eben wrote:
> Hmmm, that's not quite how it should work.  While we do technically
> treat the Journal as an activity, it should always be the bottom-most
> activity on the stack.  That is, you should only ever be switched to
> it when there are no other open activities left, which is reasonable,
> since the Journal is a point to resume activities from.  If you can
> confirm this behavior in a recent joyride, could you make a ticket and
> indicate what build number you tested on?

If Eben's description (Journal is at the bottom of the stack) gets 
implemented soon, my complaint will be moot.

But in older Joyride implementations (I don't know about the 
latest), the Journal *does* get put where the Activity Zoom key goes 
to it.  The result is that when I press the 'Magnifying Lens' key, I 
go to Journal.  Then when I press the 'Activity Zoom' key, I stay in 
the Journal (and need to use an alt-tab sequence, or Frame) to get 
back to the Activity I was in.  I would like a 'simple' way to get 
back to where I was.  If 'Activity Zoom' will not do that, perhaps 
the 'Magnifying Lens' key could be made into a TOGGLE -- if one is 
not in Journal, the screen switches to Journal;  if one *is* in 
Journal, the screen switches to the non-Journal Activity on the stack.


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