Release 8.2.0 -- pls add critical features

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Jul 3 13:30:29 EDT 2008

Greg Smith wrote:
> I'm also not aware of any feasible design proposal which might address 
> your request. You need a precedent or engineering level suggestion to 
> move this forward. Is this possible in Firefox at all?
> I know that IE tries to open certain types of documents within the 
> browser. It ties in a set of editing capabilities without exiting the 
> browser, but its not the same as opening the document in the 
> application. I don't know the technology behind it (maybe Mime Types?). 
> If that is what you are looking for it will require a lot of work which 
> I believe needs to come from Firefox.

This part is actually quite easy. We don't use firefox, but we use the 
same engine, embedded into a sugar app. It's easy for the parent 
application to intercept URL requests before the engine goes off and 
processes them, so it's easy to invent a URL scheme such as activity://pippy

The hard part is dealing with Rainbow, because Browse runs under the 
constraints of rainbow which probably prevents us from making one 
activity directly launch another in any sane way.


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