How do we manage translation effort in Release, process/roadmap?

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Thu Jul 3 07:38:03 EDT 2008

Hi Korakurider,

Thanks for reviewing the process page.

Can you write up an explanation (or point me to the URL) on the steps 
and actions needed for translation in each release? An example of what 
happens and when for new languages is helpful too. Include what 
notifications should go out as part of the steps.

If you can show agreement on the content, I can link to it from the main
process page.

Please also so suggest where in the process each piece of the 
translation work needs to happen. That wont be easy as I don't have full 
agreement on the milestones yet:

However, if you can anchor your translation steps and process on one of 
the milestones that will help. e.g. 30 days before first release 
candidate is chosen (aka Change Control of Features)"first draft of all 
translations must be entered in Pootle". Once we know what needs to 
happen we can pin it to the right place.

In short, tell us how you think it should be done and what you need to 
be successful. Post it to the talk page:

get agreement from the key translation people doing the work and I will 
try to ensure that the development team accommodates your needs as much 
  as possible.

That's a lot to ask for! Let me know if my request is not clear or if we 
should look for other people to help you get started.

In my estimation, some of the best people on the project are working in 
the translation area and I really appreciate your valuable contribution.


Greg S

  Jul 2, 2008 at 12:20 AM, Korakurider <korakurider at> wrote:
 > > Hi, all.
 > > I have read though Greg's release process draft of OLPC
 > > (
 > > and ReleaseTeam/Roadmap of SugarLabs
 > > (
 > > But both draft documents haven't explained translation of software
 > > (including activity) and others.
 > >
 > > Until midst of update.1 development, development of activities and
 > > translation had been aligned to the road map
 > > of XO software.  it was straightforward; we were notified when window
 > > for translation of whole project was opened/closed.
 > >
 > > Now our collaboration has become complex, because of SugarLabs's split.
 > > Translators are still working with one unified portal (i.e Pootle),
 > > but I can't understand how and when each PO will be pulled to build.
 > > Without those knowledge it would be difficult for translation
 > > community to manage their schedule.
 > > Could you please explain about this?
 > >
 > > For instance, scheduled build of Terminal activity with pulling newer
 > > translation was announced recently.
 > > (
 > >  So we could easily manage the effort.
 > > But could we expect similar announcement for every activities, or will
 > > the window for translation of activity aligned to
 > > development road map of sugarlab or OLPC?
 > >
 > > Maybe I missed important thing, though...
 > >
 > > Thanks in advance
 > > /Korakurider
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