Outstanding kernel patches

Andres Salomon dilinger at queued.net
Mon Jan 14 10:29:36 EST 2008

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 19:21:01 +0800
David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at infradead.org> wrote:

> Stuck in tin cans again, I've been looking at building an OLPC kernel
> based on 2.6.24, starting by going through the diffs between our stable
> tree and 2.6.22 (on which it's based).
> Ideally, we should be committing almost nothing directly to our tree --
> it should _all_ be going upstream. As much as possible, I try to commit
> to the git tree which I'm going to ask Linus to pull from and _then_
> cherry-pick those commits into the OLPC tree.
> If we don't do it like that, we need to remember to chase our changes
> upstream. Here's a quick summary of what looks like it needs to be
> (cleaned up and) pushed upstream...
> dwmw2:
>     some olpc_battery changes

After I send the touchpad stuff up, I had intended to modify your serial
number patch a bit..  I was going to add a RAW field to the power_supply
API and run that by Anton.

>     libertas private ioctls
>     jffs2 crc noise 
> Jordan:
>     [PATCH] Add a configuration option to avoid automatically probing VGA
>     scx200_acb: Add a module option to tune the SMB_CLK
>     [PATCH]  Add a notifier list for VT console modes
>     geode video support

I have outstanding patches here that need additional testing/finishing
touches before committing to the master branch.

>     DCON (or maybe this is dwmw2's)
> Jon Corbet:
>     Some cafe_ccic.c changes

As Jon mentioned, I'm not aware of anything outstanding that hasn't gone

> Andres / other:
>     cs5535audio
>     promfs

This will probably be one of the last things to go up, since it requires
so much coordination w/ other architectures.

>     make config_noninteractive

The beginning of it is upstream, but.. it's not fun.

>     sysprof
>     pci: do not delay when changing power states on OLPC
>     atkbd/i8042 hacks

Needs to be cleaned up.

>     olpc touchpad    

Being worked on.

> Core OLPC platform support:
>  - Need to clean up the device-tree handling. Can we use fdt?
>  - PCI support
>  - EC support
>  - Power management 
> I'm willing to take on the core platform support and try to get that
> upstream -- we really ought to get at least the basics of that ready for
> when the 2.6.25 merge window opens.
> That's only a quick pass; if you know you've committed something to the
> OLPC tree which you haven't also sent to Linus, please think about what
> needs doing to get it ready for the (imminent) 2.6.25 merge window.

I'm working on the touchpad stuff now.  I'm concentrating on cleaning
stuff up to get it upstream; look in the master branch.  I don't forsee
us being able to get _everything_ upstream by 2.6.25 due to necessary
cleanups, but 2.6.26 is definitely doable.

Anyways, touchpad first.

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