Weird WLAN problem after stupid upgrade attempt

Tom Seago tom at
Fri Jan 4 14:35:06 EST 2008

On Jan 4, 2008, at 10:22 AM, Mitch Bradley wrote:

> Tom Seago wrote:
>> ...
>> Another thing I have done is run the POST diagnostics by holding  
>> the  left rocker button during boot.  I did this on both machines  
>> at the  same time to diff the results.  Both say that usb port 0 is  
>> in use -  good.  But the working machine did scroll some wlan  
>> diagnostic  information up the screen at the end of the the video  
>> tests that the  broken machine did not do.  The broken machine did  
>> not report an error  - but it clearly did not run the same wlan test.
> Chris Ball wrote:
>> Hi Tom,
>> Once you have your developer key, please run:
>> ok  test /wlan
>> If that fails too, it should be clear that we need to RMA and replace
>> your laptop.  Thanks!
> The POST diags that Tom ran include the "test /wlan" step.  That  
> diagnostic info that scrolled by is a dump of the access point scan  
> info.  It happens just before the touchpad test.
> My recommendations:
> a) Remove all power - AC and battery - for a few seconds to reset  
> the wireless really well, then reboot and try the POST diags again.

During my contortions I did try this step several times (ok, 3 or 4  
times at least, maybe not _several_).  No luck.  I'll give it one more  
good hour long no-power soak later tonight just for grins because it  
certainly can't make anything worse at this point.

> b) If that doesn't fix it, email me when you get your developer key  
> and I'll work with you on IRC to see if we can learn more about the  
> failure details.

Thank you very much for the offer.  The web page tells me I should get  
my key tomorrow, so I will try to find you after that.

> Mitch Bradley

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