Weird WLAN problem after stupid upgrade attempt

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Fri Jan 4 13:22:18 EST 2008

Tom Seago wrote:
> ...
> Another thing I have done is run the POST diagnostics by holding the  
> left rocker button during boot.  I did this on both machines at the  
> same time to diff the results.  Both say that usb port 0 is in use -  
> good.  But the working machine did scroll some wlan diagnostic  
> information up the screen at the end of the the video tests that the  
> broken machine did not do.  The broken machine did not report an error  
> - but it clearly did not run the same wlan test.

Chris Ball wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Once you have your developer key, please run:
> ok  test /wlan
> If that fails too, it should be clear that we need to RMA and replace
> your laptop.  Thanks!

The POST diags that Tom ran include the "test /wlan" step.  That 
diagnostic info that scrolled by is a dump of the access point scan 
info.  It happens just before the touchpad test.

My recommendations:

a) Remove all power - AC and battery - for a few seconds to reset the 
wireless really well, then reboot and try the POST diags again.

b) If that doesn't fix it, email me when you get your developer key and 
I'll work with you on IRC to see if we can learn more about the failure 

Mitch Bradley

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