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On Feb 3, 2008 11:50 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at> wrote:

> > 5. URLs of similar projects : None that I know of
>  You might have looked at Clock and concluded that these are
> substantially different, but you know the Clock activity, right?  (It
> doesn't matter, but just to make sure.)

Yeah.  I knew about it, but I figured this was a *very* different project
(actually it is mentioned in [time])

>  I filed a ticket sometime ago (
> I sure wish something like this will be incorporated.

I think this should be covered in the dragability of each individual hand.

>  Another ticket that seems to inspire you
> (

This was the main basis for the project, and we believe we addressed all the
issues raised in the comments.

> discusses timezones and
> collaboration.  But I'd say that these are secondary issue.  Who
> believes that it is worth to pay the effort to have kids in Nigeria
> and Brazil look at each other's clock and discuss something (Could
> they discuss something worthwhile?)  If you can move hands at will,
> that would be much better.

The time game would allow for collaboration, and also for (perhaps)
meaningful discussions between two children

>  Actually, I'd say that adding the built-in game would be secondary
> as well.  If kids can interact with the clock in very easy and simple
> way, they sure will invent their own "games"; such as puzzles, timer,
> etc., etc. (not everything may not be on the laptop, but that is ok).
> -- Yoshiki
>  Yes, that reminds me of the idea of scriptable clock;
>  It would be nice if kids "make" their own Clock to understand it
> better.
As a child you can't understand time(in the form of a clock) until it is
explained to you.   Which is where this activity will (hopefully) come in.

--Jason Rock
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