The new OLPC ads

Bastien bastienguerry at
Tue Dec 16 06:10:05 EST 2008

"Ties Stuij" <cjstuij at> writes:

> On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 3:02 PM, Bastien <bastienguerry at> wrote:
>> Hi Jean,
>> Jean Piché <jean at> writes:
>> This article is in french - maybe you better want to send this to the
>> french OLPC mailing list: olpc-france at
> But then the amount of people that understand some french is bigger
> than the amount of people signed up for the olpc-france mailing list
> perhaps. And it's got nothing to do with France. It's in fact a
> Canadian publication. Writing about a 'world-wide' campaign. I'll stop
> now.

Take it easy.

I just assumed the OP did a mistake.  

No matter whether there are more french-speaking readers on devel@ than
on olpc-france@, french articles are more relevant to olpc-france@ than
to devel at .  Especially when the article has nothing to do with xo/sugar



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