Please help test our new 8.2.0 weekly beta, joyride-2301!

Richard A. Smith richard at
Fri Aug 15 15:45:04 EDT 2008

Ton van Overbeek wrote:

> NoiseEHC wrote:
>> I feel the touchpad very jumpy, it was not jumpy at all with 708.
> See trac #7788 and trac #7341.

Please enable debug info with

echo 1 > /sys/module/psmouse/parameters/tpdebug

and attach your logs to one of the tickets.

> I am doing more touchpad testing (going to change to switching between 
> joyride-2203 and update.1-708 with firmware q2e13)

> and am still waiting if this one will be raised to a blocker for 8.2.0.
> So if you want to chip in to raise the status of #7788 to blocker please 
> do so.

I will argue against its promotion as a blocker because there are far 
more reports of goodness vs badness.

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