Walter leaving and shift to XP.

david at david at
Thu Apr 24 15:09:28 EDT 2008

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Peter Krenesky wrote:

> the way they were talking most of those things would just be made into
> top level apis.  Things like "sharing" would be available to all
> applications.
> If these functions are being made into apis then there is no benefit in
> developing for sugar.  Why would any of us spend time developing a sugar
> specific app at that point?   we can write a normal desktop app that
> uses sugar apis.  We would get the same functionality with more portability.
> Sugar as a window manager would be marginalized and fail.

if the only way for Sugar to survive is to have product lock-in that 
prevents things written for general use from working on a system running 
sugar, I believe that it deserves to fail.

If sugar as a concept really is a good idea then making it so that you can 
run unmodified apps on it will cause more people to use it not less.

David Lang

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