TamTam packaging

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 17 02:49:32 EDT 2008

>> -why are the cpp sources in the MANIFEST and consequently in the xo?
> At the beginning we TamTam was only one activity with a welcome  
> screen to choose which component to play with. When we were aksed to  
> spilt the activities it was the simplest way for us to manage all  
> activities from one git tree. But all sounds and common images are  
> located only inside TamTamEdit.

Ok. But are the c++ sources in common/Util/Clooper/ needed in the final xo?

>> -which versions do you recommend for packaging. Latest are 48 and 49 ,
>> depending on the activity
> Always the latest... even though i'm on the way to make major changes  
> in the way TamTam handle resources (mic recording, synthlab  
> sounds...) to respect OLPC security policy. These changes will  
> complicate once more the port to others system...
>> I got them to build and start on Ubuntu but I have no sound
>> The lib is acsound64 not acsound in debian/ubuntu so the link flag
>> needed a change to rebuild the aclient.so instead of using the one  
>> in git.
> I don't think using the aclient is the better way to make it work on  
> Debian. This client was build very tight to save cpu cycles on the  
> XO. The better way is to use the Python API for Csound... (with the  
> API, don't forget to remove -n flag (no sound) in tamtamorc.csd).  
> Maybe James can tell you more about aclient.so  

I did not look closely so did not realize that python-csound is not 
used. Anyway I'd rather keep changes from the XO version at a minimum 
for now and not add extra code. The goal is to get it working first.

One important issue I forgot to mention yesterday: there are no 
licensing headers or copyright files in the sources except in 
Clooper/audio.cpp which comes from ALSA.

Can you when time permits add any kind of copyright notice along the 
source files? It is impossible to upload to either Debian or Ubuntu 

thank you

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