More Planning Thoughts

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at
Wed Apr 16 06:16:11 EDT 2008


> In recognition of our limited measurement and release resources, we
> should concentrate our efforts on two minimally coupled topics...

This seems pretty arbitrary and I'm not sure how you are coming to
that conclusion.

I think Greg provides great suggestions on how to reach consensus on the "what".

We need to start by defining the organizational goal and then use it
as the main criterium to evaluate the concrete priorities.
Possibilities from his post on the wiki:

* Make existing customer successful. Learn from them and generate
follow on orders.
* Acquire new customers and expand the user base dramatically.
* Expand the capacity of the organization to develop new software in the future.

I happen to agree with him that we should focus on make existing
costumer successful, if nothing else because I consider it a
prerequisite for the other two goals.


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