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Mon Nov 26 09:44:51 EST 2007

Albert Cahalan wrote:
> Bernardo Innocenti writes:
>> On 11/25/07 18:58, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
>>> * we need to make use on multi-user machines easy, where Sugar
>>>   is just a desktop manager session that is run just as one
>>>   would run KDE or Gnome (so that computing lab situations can
>>>   let children use Sugar's safe, rich  without giving up the
>>>   ability to run KDE/Gnome)
>> AFAIK, both the mainstream desktops were far too bloated to
>> be usable on the XO.  I can easily believe it, as the latest
>> versions are almost unusable on my 1GHz iBook G4, too.
> I think the point is to make a "Sugar desktop" be an choice
> on a normal machine. Maybe one could select it at login, or
> switch to it via some control panel. It'd be like how people
> choose between KDE and GNOME. Sugar would be another choice.
> That would be nice.
That was the thrust of the idea, i.e. to let existing "computer lab"
environments or new alternate machines include a Sugar desktop
environment that a child can log into, while still allowing the
manufacturer to ship a "normal" desktop to hedge their bets.
> Another thought along those lines is to simply allow Sugar
> activities to run on the normal desktops. Depending on what
> is best for the particular activity, it comes up fullscreen
> (which may be 2560x1600) or in a 1200x900 window.
Some of the activities will already run on a normal desktop, via a bit
of shim code.  Most of the problems tend to be in the system-setup stuff
(there's no Sugar Shell or similar services running, so if you depend on
it, you'll fail), which is why I was proposing the "desktop" level
accommodation to start with.

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