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Rob Savoye rob at welcomehome.org
Sun May 13 19:32:33 EDT 2007

Hal Murray wrote:
> This test case might be interesting:
>   http://www.flixxy.com/helicopter-cable-inspector.htm
> Or start at www.flixxy.com (for less typing).  It's the second one down on 
> the right side.

  That URL works fine for me on my FC5 desktop system, I'll fire up my
X0 late and try there after a fresh cross build.

> I just tried code from your directory above.  I installed
>   gnash-20070306-1.i386.rpm
>   gnash-plugin-20070306-1.i386.rpm
> after erasing the similar rpms that conflicted.
> Is that the right recipe?

  Yes, but that's pretty old for the best video support. I'll build a
more recent snapshot. The new Gnash official release will be out within
the next few weeks. Much if the time between that old snapshot and now
has been focused on video performance.

> Do you know if there is an OLPC trac number for this?  If not, I'll submit 
> one.  If yes, I'll avoid the clutter of a duplicate.

  There are several for this, including an old one about zombie threads
that was closed.

	- rob -

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