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Julius Lucks lucks at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 2 22:03:54 EDT 2007

1. Project name             : Kuku
2. Existing website, if any : http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Kuku
3. One-line description     : Educational tutorial game where a  
player tries to 'eat' correct answers to quiz questions.

4. Longer description       : Kuku, short for 'Kuku Anakula' (Hungry  
Chicken), is based off of the basic arithmetic education game Number  
Munchers. In single player mode, the game consists of a simple grid  
that the player (a chicken) is allowed to move around on. A question  
is posed outside of the grid, such as '5 + 5 = ?', and each square in  
the grid has a potential answer in it. The goal is to 'eat' as many  
correct answers as possible within a given time frame to accumulate  
points. There are penalties for eating incorrect answers, and the  
questions are changed when all correct answers are eaten. As the game  
progresses, the questions become more difficult. In multiplayer mode,  
the grid can expand with multiple chickens that can compete against  
each other, or work as a team to eat all the correct answers.

5. URLs of similar projects : The original number munchers game can  
be downloaded at http://www.pcgaming.ws/viewgame.php? 
game=number_munchers .  Also see the wikipedia article http:// 
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_Munchers .

6. Committer list
    Please list the maintainer (lead developer) as the first entry.  
Only list
    developers who need to be given accounts so that they can commit  
to your
    project's code repository, or push their own. There is no need to  
    non-committer developers.

       Username   Full name             SSH2 key  
URL                    E-mail
       --------   ---------              
------------                    ------
    #1 Lucks   Julius B. Lucks   (attached)  lucks at fas.harvard.edu
    #2 agdelma Adrian DelMaestro (attached) agdelma at physics.harvard.edu

    If any developers don't have their SSH2 keys on the web, please  
attach them
    to the application e-mail.

7. Preferred development model

    [X] Central tree. Every developer can push his changes directly  
to the
        project's git tree. This is the standard model that will be  
familiar to
        CVS and Subversion users, and that tends to work well for  
most projects.

8. Set up a project mailing list:

    [ ] Yes, named after our project name
    [ ] Yes, named ______________________
    [X] No

9. Commit notifications

    [ ] Notification of commits to the main tree should be e-mailed  
to the list
        we chose to create above
    [ ] A separate mailing list, <projectname>-git, should be created  
for commit
    [X] No commit notifications, please

10. Vhost setup

    [ ] Yes, set up a vhost for the domain _______________ pointing  
to our
        project website.

    [X] No, we don't have a project domain, or don't want to use one.  
        use the laptop.org website address.

11. Shell accounts

    As a general rule, we don't provide shell accounts to developers  
    there's a demonstrated need. If you have one, please explain  
here, and
    list the usernames of the committers above needing shell access.

12. Notes/comments:

We hope to develop a game that is more general than the original  
Number Munchers.  In particular, we imagine this game to be one  
instance that relies on a more general question-answer, or quiz  
library. The idea is that all of the questions and answers will be  
stored and editable by kids and teachers. Question content is not  
restricted to basic arithmetic, but can consist of multiple choice  
questions, vocabulary questions, image recognition questions, and  
many more. Specific examples might consist of:

     * a fill in the blank sentence as the question with multiple  
vocabulary words as the answers
     * a snapshot of a tree taken by the child as the question with  
names of types of trees as the answers
     * an arithmetic expression as the question with numbers as the  

In order to develop this game then, we would like to develop a simple  
question and answer library that teachers can use to port their  
existing materials for the game. The game can then be considered as a  
study tool for children for an upcoming test, and we imagine that the  
same library will be useful in a testing activity which actually  
conducts the test on the laptops.

See the wiki page for more details.


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