activity downloadable from wiki that may contain malcious code?

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Wed Dec 26 16:22:53 EST 2007

On Dec 26, 2007 4:17 PM, Roger Carhuatocto <rcarhuatocto at> wrote:

> Well, I think that those security techniques have to be implement into
> browser (Gecko engine) as add-ons. A nice add-on to include are the
> classic anti-phishing toolbars (netcraft toolbar, google toolbar,
> paps, etc.).. this could be an initial parental control... Some
> opinions, ideas??

For one, google toolbar isn't open source IIRC and neither is Netcraft, so
we cannot ship with them. Not only does it violate our software guidelines,
but it would be a pain having to sugarize them without seeing the source. We
shoudn't have to worry about browser exploits once we get activity isolation
turned on. So, exept for phishing protection, which is open source and
implemented in firefox already, there is not much we can do or have to for
that matter.

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