some first impressions

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sat Aug 18 17:43:41 EDT 2007

Yuan Chao wrote:
> On 8/18/07, Guylhem Aznar <olpc at> wrote:
>> Jim said the SD port was not for removable media use - I fully
>> But then the current slot is not fulfilling either goals. It's hard to
>> use, and still open for the water to get it. Maybe the plastic could
> There are lots of holes on the panel. I'm not sure if the holes for
> speakers and mic are water proof? Also the USB connectors are exposed
> when bunny ears are open for normal use. If we only consider the ears
> sealed case, then one way would be to move the SD slot under one of
> them?

The PCB layout is highly constrained.  The issue of where to put the SD 
card was studied at great length.  Any further suggestions about it are 
not particularly welcome.  The mechanical design is very nearly "frozen 
solid" at this stage.

Sorry to be blunt, but this issue has been beaten to death, and then some.

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