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Sat Aug 18 17:38:52 EDT 2007

On 8/18/07, Guylhem Aznar <olpc at> wrote:

> Jim said the SD port was not for removable media use - I fully
> But then the current slot is not fulfilling either goals. It's hard to
> use, and still open for the water to get it. Maybe the plastic could
There are lots of holes on the panel. I'm not sure if the holes for
speakers and mic are water proof? Also the USB connectors are exposed
when bunny ears are open for normal use. If we only consider the ears
sealed case, then one way would be to move the SD slot under one of

> > Tried FBReader on XO. It needs some fine tuning for XO's special
> I am preparing an opie-reader for people to try, along with some
> sample ebooks of mine. IMHO it's far better than fbreader.
That's of great news. I forgot to mentioned that I've made an RPM
package for latest version of FBReader. If you'd like you can access
from here:

> > Though they are currently working on the search result display. They
> There was an interesting article on slashdot this week about offline
> wikipedia. It currently is 2.9 Gb, I am sure with better compression
> it could be made to fit on a 2 Gb USB stick. But that would only be
> usefull for englsh speaking countries.
I've read that article too. However, it's only of title search and one
still needs php, perl... installed to use it. The target for ksana
group is to provide a single program with search engine and web server
and they can do full-text search now. The performance would be a key
issue for XO. I recall that for their english wiki indexed db is
around 2.2GB level. It also works with other locales as you can see
from their website. Though it's not an open source program yet, I
heard that it would be released as open source soon.

> As soon as I will have found a good setup, I will let you know
Thank you. Looking forward to hear more from you. :)

Best regards,
Yuan Chao

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