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Guylhem Aznar olpc at
Sat Aug 18 10:45:33 EDT 2007


On 8/18/07, Yuan Chao <yuanchao at> wrote:
> I've tried one SD card made by a local company. It's a bit thinker
> than the genuine panasonic one. So this results in that it can only be
> ejected out a bit and I have to use my finger nail to grab it out.
> (probably same situation as you) Usually there's a groove at the tail
> of an SD card top side. However, the access on XO SD slot is only on
> the bottom side... :(

Currently I have a 4 Gb SD (plain SD, no SDHC) and after comparing it
to another SD, yes it's thicker

Jim said the SD port was not for removable media use - I fully
understand since I put the SD in to have storage space to try to set
up stuff, and anyway USB keys are more practical

But then the current slot is not fulfilling either goals. It's hard to
use, and still open for the water to get it. Maybe the plastic could
be shut tight?

> Tried FBReader on XO. It needs some fine tuning for XO's special
> resolution and works well. It may not be a bad idea that FBReader can
> be merged into XO as the current Read activity is mainly for PDF. The
> browser can be used as offline reader but still too heavy and not
> optimized for book reading.

I am preparing an opie-reader for people to try, along with some
sample ebooks of mine. IMHO it's far better than fbreader.

> Though they are currently working on the search result display. They
> tried to parsed the xml in their engine for better performance in
> stead of the whole LAMP but not complete yet. You can try the above
> link.

There was an interesting article on slashdot this week about offline
wikipedia. It currently is 2.9 Gb, I am sure with better compression
it could be made to fit on a 2 Gb USB stick. But that would only be
usefull for englsh speaking countries.

It's best to work on ebook reading than on the wikipedia IMHO.

> The picture book looks best to me when rotated in 90 deg. It's just
> need some optimization on the page layout (remove menu frame) and some
> javascript for hotkey to flip pages. Or maybe FBReader serves better
> here?

I am currently evaluating different tools (back at home with full net
access and wifi !)

As soon as I will have found a good setup, I will let you know


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