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Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Aug 18 01:32:22 EDT 2007

> I've tried one SD card made by a local company. It's a bit thinker
> than the genuine panasonic one. So this results in that it can only be
> ejected out a bit and I have to use my finger nail to grab it out.
> (probably same situation as you) Usually there's a groove at the tail
> of an SD card top side. However, the access on XO SD slot is only on
> the bottom side... :( 

I tried a handy SD card in my system.  I have a B2 case with a B3 board.

There are a rubber flaps covering the entrance hole.  The flaps are pointed 
in, so inserting the card bends the flaps open but extracting the card tries 
to close the flaps.  If they stick (and they do) then closing the flaps makes 
them stick even more.

I think the basic problem is that the flaps stick harder than the internal 
spring pushes.  You can feel them if you poke the card in partway and then 
pull it out.

My SD card has a grove on the edge of the card.  It's about the right size 
for a fingernail.  The XO case has a slight indentation for your finger.  
Unfortunately, it's on the bottom rather than the top so I can't get at the 
grove in the card.

Mumble.  Better have a pair of tweezers handy if you expect to use the SD 

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