Post-August developer-education hardware availability?

MBurns maburns at
Fri Apr 13 02:10:18 EDT 2007

The official line has consitently been no small-scale orders (less
than 1 million units). Economics of scale, logistics, overhead,
administration, etc., etc. have been cited as to why this won't yet
happen in the near future. Frankly, I completely agree with OLPC on
this, and can't wait for it to get past this stage's deployment

Several professors at my uni. briefly toyed with the idea of using the
laptops as a software/hardware/engineering platform for learning.
Small orders aren't being taken for the XO, but when they are, I think
there is a strong chance we could get this for every freshman
engineering student. A few hundred a year.

Michael Burns * Open Source Lab
    Oregon State University

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