Post-August developer-education hardware availability?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Fri Apr 13 01:23:09 EDT 2007

Question was raised today:

    If I want to integrate development on/for the OLPC into our
    (University Level) Computer Science course, is it possible to
    purchase X laptops for use in September semester?

Which seems like it would come down to logistics.  Quanta is going to 
print out thousands of pallets of laptops, but they are AFAIK just 
shipping them all out directly to the client countries.

Is there any plan to divert some laptops into the developer channels?  
This was formulated with the assumption that the University would pay 
for the hardware (not the project), but it still requires distribution, 
storage and the like within the project, which is a non-trivial cost.  
On the plus side, it would produce new trained potential developers at 
approximately X per semester and hopefully some useful 
development/review during the actual class work.

Anyway, long question short, post-August are we going to be able to 
entertain this kind of idea?  If so, we'd have to confirm it far enough 
in advance to allow for classes to be designed around the machine.

Have fun,

The particular request today was for X == 20, btw.

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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