Please help this person...

Richard Smith smithbone at
Wed Apr 11 12:36:12 EDT 2007

I got this request for help but I'm really busy preping for my trip to 
QSMC and really I'm not the best guy to help with this anyway. 
Somebody please help them get setup.


*"Sam Taufao" <SamT at>*

04/10/2007 09:52 PM

	<technology at>
	Urgent Request for Assistance for presentation to potential funding source

I am writing on behalf of the OLPC project for Pacific island countries.
We just upgraded the OS build for B2 models with us and we couldn't see
one laptop from the other.

Please email me with any help you can on:

1) Getting mesh network working so that two laptops next to each other
can see each other and share something

2) Can we change volume



samt at

Richard A. Smith
smithbone at

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