Firmware WIFI supplicant

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Tue Apr 10 11:56:35 EDT 2007

The firmware that I was talking about in the cited text is Open 
Firmware, not the firmware that gets loaded into the wireless module. 
The context of my message was support for booting over wireless, and has 
nothing whatsoever to do with use of the wireless under the OS.

Martin Langhoff wrote:
> On 3/8/07, Mitch Bradley <wmb at> wrote:
>> Here is what Lilian says about the WIFI supplicant support that is being
>> added to the firmware:
> Hi! What is the status of this? I am playing with the WPA instructions
> in the wiki (using wpa_supplicant in lieu of firmware-based support),
> and getting pretty much nowhere. I am following
> Using the settings that work for us with wpa_supplicant from recent
> Ubuntu and Debian vintages:
>  proto=WPA
>  pairwise=TKIP
>  key_mgmt=WPA-PSK
> but it's not working. "ioctl[SIOCSIWAUTH]: Operation not supported",
> apparently.
> cheers.
> m

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