[OLPC-devel] olpcflash 0.2.0

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 01:54:47 EDT 2006


- Full page sized writes.
  Part now programs in ~45 seconds just like the DOS code.
  Writing is now faster than reading. :)

- Brick mode
  Allows you to read and write the entire part rather than just 0x10000-0xfffff.

Brick mode showed up earlier than planned out of self-preservation.  I
had a stupid one off thinko that wrote a page of garbage to  address

Fearing that the part just wraps and I had trashed my EC code, I
implemented brick mode.  All the while  hoping that we didn't have a
power glitch since I didn't have the unit plugged up to a UPS.

Using brick mode and the Insyde image file sent to me earlier I was
able to ascertain that indeed I had trashed my EC code.  Then using
brick mode I was able to restore my EC code from the image file.

So I guess in this instance it was unbrick mode.

This tells me that even if we figured out the reset issue with putting
the KBC back into run mode it would be a Really Bad Idea to do this.
In this instance the KBC would have started running trashed code.

I also verified that as expected the USB keyboard works fine while the
KBC is in reset.

Still TODO:

- Add image CRC32 checksum support and verification checks to make
sure that the image file really is a LinuxBIOS image.

- Do reads in blocks larger than 1 byte so it goes much faster.

Mitch: I'll update the wiki tomorrow night. Promise.

Richard A. Smith
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