[olpc-help] problems with update.1 not updating...

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Sun Jun 15 19:52:14 EDT 2008


Things are running slowly because the update process is compute-bound
and the current update server's CPU is overloaded. We will relieve the
load as soon as possible.

In general, it should be safe to ctrl-C out of olpc-update. We have
discovered one bug, http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/7158, which might cause
grief, but it is easily remedied if you need to return to 656 after
installing 70x.

You will only need to do an "O" gamepad boot if the update complete

Thanks for your patience,


P.S. - When you arrive in 703, you'll need to download some activities.
See http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Update.1_Software_Release_Notes for

P.P.S. - If you like 703, try out candidate-708 - it has even nicer

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