[olpc-help] Remapping keys

Laurie DeMott demotlj at unionuniversitychurch.org
Tue Dec 30 12:06:58 EST 2008

I have had the sticky-key syndrome for some time with my CTRL key and I  
was able to use Terminal to successfully disable it but have not been able  
to remap it to another key.  I am able to use most of my activities  
without the CTRL key but I miss being able to open Abiword (which you do  
using CTRL-N from inside of Write).

Can someone either help me figure out how to remap the CTRL key or tell me  
if it is possible to open Abiword from Terminal, or install it to Sugar?   
I am a neophyte when it comes to Linux so dumb down your instructions!

I also can't remember how to find out what build I am using so if someone  
could remind me how to do that, I can provide that information.  I bought  
my XO in November of 2007.

Laurie DeMott

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