#12934 NORM Not Tri: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots

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#12934: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots
            Reporter:  fatalbert  |          Owner:  suyouxin
                Type:  defect     |         Status:  closed
            Priority:  normal     |      Milestone:  Not Triaged
           Component:  android    |        Version:  not specified
          Resolution:  wontfix    |       Keywords:
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Deployments affected:             |  Action Needed:  never set
            Verified:  0          |
Changes (by Quozl):

 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => wontfix


 Yes, firmware has changed to enable generic interrupt controller
 configuration for dual-core support, which is needed by the kernel in the
 Fedora build, but not the kernel in the Android build.  The method used to
 make an Android image also changed, but there has been no new image
 released.  You might be able to make it work by downgrading firmware to
 the corresponding version by date; around August 2014.

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