#12934 NORM Not Tri: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots

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Sat Nov 25 17:02:33 EST 2017

#12934: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots
            Reporter:  fatalbert  |          Owner:  suyouxin
                Type:  defect     |         Status:  new
            Priority:  normal     |      Milestone:  Not Triaged
           Component:  android    |        Version:  not specified
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Deployments affected:             |  Action Needed:  never set
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Comment (by fatalbert):

 I should also give the output when booting the Android partition:
 Boot device: /sd/sdhci at d4281000/disk:\boot\olpc.fth Arguments:
 Boot device: /sd/sdhci at d4281000/disk:\boot-alt\vmlinuz Arguments:
 Loading ramdisk image from /sd/sdhci at d4281000/disk:\boot-alt\initrd.img
 and from there it's hung.

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