#12934 NORM Not Tri: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots

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#12934: Android 4.3.1/Fedora dual boot no longer boots
            Reporter:  fatalbert  |          Owner:  suyouxin
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Comment (by fatalbert):

 Thanks for confirming.  I spent days trying to work out what the issue
 was, questioning every media card and cable I had until the only thing
 left to suspect was the firmware.  It's quite a relief to finally get the
 issue pinned down.

 For anyone following this thread with the same issue, I've found a
 "smp.zd" file in ~ben, which boots on recent firmware as the name implies.
 It's an unrooted Jellybean (4.3.1), single boot.

 I suppose it's still more sensible for me to downgrade the firmware as you
 suggest, so that the Lollipop (5.0) image will work.

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