#12250 NORM Future : mmp-sspa driver work breaks XO-1.75 boot

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Fri Oct 26 19:49:09 EDT 2012

#12250: mmp-sspa driver work breaks XO-1.75 boot
 Reporter:  dsd     |                 Owner:  saadia        
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 Not expecting this to be looked at the moment, just storing for future

 With #12249 accounted for, arm-3.5  boots on XO-1.75 with kernel
 b152b4013c271edfe614e25c79647b2e3e2ae5aa with OFW head from today.

 The next few commits do not compile, until we get to
 101e1e7e21d1f2924b2fb27e9c582289b5fb0974 - the next compilable tree, it
 does not boot on XO-1.75. No messages over serial, it just hangs really
 early. Even when all sound support is disabled.

 git checkout b152b4013c271edfe614e25c79647b2e3e2ae5aa arch/arm/mach-
 git checkout b152b4013c271edfe614e25c79647b2e3e2ae5aa arch/arm/mach-

 Then arm-3.5 is usable all the way up til e5abc51b, where XO-4 S/R work
 walks all over MMP2 support for the time being.

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