#11993 NORM Not Tri: Cannot find CDMA modem on XO in GNOME 3

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#11993: Cannot find CDMA modem on XO in GNOME 3
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 In 12.1.0 os16 I cannot figure out how to get GNOME to recognize my CDMA
 modem, even after editing /etc/usb_modeswitch.d as required for this
 model.  It does not appear in the dropdown with the other access points
 like I used to see it.

 If I use "nm-connection-editor" I can create a connection for any modem it
 sees connected; but mine does not appear in the dropdown as a specific

 I verified that my modem appears as three /dev/ttyUSB* devices in dmesg,
 which means the USB modeswitch rule worked correctly.

 When I tested this modem on a non-XO Fedora 17 laptop the "Mobile
 Broadband" setting was seen in GNOME's Control Panel set to "Off".  I do
 not know if that is GNOME's default or if I tweaked it, as this modem has
 been used with said laptop before.

 "nmcli nm status" shows WWAN-HARDWARE enabled but WWAN as disabled.
 "nmcli nm wwan on" does not enable WWAN but does not log an error either.

 Testing this modem in Sugar is not possible as Sugar does not recognize
 CDMA devices, only GSM at last check.

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