#11770 NORM 1.75-fi: Battery charge led fails to light after a full discharge

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Thu Apr 12 15:42:46 EDT 2012

#11770: Battery charge led fails to light after a full discharge
           Reporter:  garycmartin          |       Owner:  rsmith                           
               Type:  defect               |      Status:  new                              
           Priority:  normal               |   Milestone:  1.75-firmware                    
          Component:  embedded controller  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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        Next_action:  diagnose             |    Verified:  0                                
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Comment(by greenfeld):

 Is the charging LED when you see this problem off or Green (full battery
 charge but external power present)?

 And is the XO idle and/or aggressively suspending at the time the XO
 decides it has to turn off?

 I have managed to reproduce twice on a SKU 202 XO (with many failed
 attempts) a situation where the EC fully reboots after power failure and
 decides the battery does not need to be charged, showing a Green "full
 charge" indication.  These failures have been caused by initially draining
 the battery while running the Record activity, and then repetitively
 rebooting the XO while briefly charging it.  The XO was then left at
 Sugar's Application View waiting for it to discharge the battery, with the
 last try done with powerd stopped to prevent screen dimming/etc. (This may
 help reproduction; but is not a requirement for the failure condition.)

 An example run leading to the green "Full Charge" condition is below.  A
 green XO brick charger was used.  Unplugging the external charger and re-
 plugging it in will charge the battery as was initially expected (as shown
 at the end of the full EC log).

 3570914:AC Out
 3570952:PL2: Going idle
 3571023:  LCS:9 CFC:2 CHG=1 Vavg:0x553c
 3571025:Chg off
 Trickle Off
 3571124:  LCS:10 CFC:2 CHG=0 Vavg:0x545c
 3571225:  LCS:10 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x545c
 3571227:LDACR Update request ACR:5901 LDACR:5949
 3571308:GC_LDACR=5949 SOC = 3
 savedWUEN[1] = 8
 savedWUEN[4] = 20
 WUEN[4] = 8
 WUEN[5] = 4
 savedWUEN[6] = c0
 WUEN[6] = 8
 WUEN[4] = 8
 WUPF[5] = 4
 WUEN[5] = 4
 WUPF[6] = 1
 WUEN[6] = 8
 3572085:PwrButPress assert
 3572190:EN Main
 3572194:SOC_SLEEP --> 0
 3572198:EN_1.2V & DDR3
 3572210:1.8V GPIO
 3572217:3.3V SOC & NAND & DCON & USB
 3572219:Got ALL_PWRGOOD
 3572226:3572228:Got SYS_RESET
 3572229:PwrUp Done
 3572661:SDI: Host ready
 3572679:SDI: Host not ready
 3573821:SDI: Host ready
 3580511:SDI: Host not ready
 3581517:SDI: Host ready
 event mask was 0xffff, is now 0xffff
 event mask was 0xffff, is now 0xffff
 3625395:suspend_hint --> 1
 suspend sync: 00000001
 3625414:SOC_SLEEP --> 1
 3634445:LDACR Update request ACR:5877 LDACR:5878
 3634447:SDI: waking
 3634449:SOC_SLEEP --> 0
 3634461:suspend_hint --> 0
 event mask was 0xffff, is now 0xffff
 3634648:GC_LDACR=5878 SOC = 2
 event mask was 0xffff, is now 0xffff
 3638551:suspend_hint --> 1
 suspend sync: 00000002
 3638570:SOC_SLEEP --> 1
 savedWUEN[1] = 8
 WUEN[1] = 8
 savedWUEN[4] = 20
 WUEN[4] = 8
 WUEN[5] = 4
 savedWUEN[6] = c0
 WUEN[6] = c8
 ### The XO at this point is powered off ###
 ### The charger is then attached ###
 !!! BOOT !!!
 1034/100ms: SCON2/3 11c --> 11a
 Setting Board Rev c1
 EC 1.75
 CL2 0.4.02
 3:Chg off
 Trickle Off
 9:SOC_SLEEP --> 1
 Turning Power Off
 10:Board Off
 17:MPPT Enabled
 72:AC In
 Found Bat: 35 f8 72 3d 00 00 00 35
 LDSOC = 100 LDACR = 11352
 1372:Battery Valid
 1372:Bat Start
 1473:  LCS:0 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x5292
 1575:  LCS:3 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52a9
 1576:Chg off
 Trickle Off
 1676:  LCS:13 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52a9
 1778:  LCS:4 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52c3
 1879:  LCS:5 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52d8
 1981:  LCS:7 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52d8
 2183:  LCS:8 CFC:0 CHG=0 Vavg:0x52ec
 2184:LDACR Update request ACR:5875 LDACR:5874
 2255:GC_LDACR=5874 SOC = 23
 2284:  LCS:8 CFC:4 CHG=0 Vavg:0x5303
 Bat Full
 2286:Chg off
 Trickle Off
 2385:  LCS:8 CFC:5 CHG=0 Vavg:0x5303
 38014:LDACR Update request ACR:5946 LDACR:5945
 38191:GC_LDACR=5945 SOC = 24
 77508:LDACR Update request ACR:6017 LDACR:6016
 77660:GC_LDACR=6016 SOC = 25
 120143:LDACR Update request ACR:6088 LDACR:6087
 120320:GC_LDACR=6087 SOC = 26

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