#11171 NORM 1.75-ha: XO-1.75 touchpad jumps by X or Y coordinate

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Thu Dec 15 03:57:57 EST 2011

#11171: XO-1.75 touchpad jumps by X or Y coordinate
           Reporter:  Quozl      |       Owner:  wad          
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           Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  1.75-hardware
          Component:  hardware   |     Version:  1.75-B1      
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Comment(by carrott):

 To see how bad these touchpads are, try building anything non-trivial
 (more than 3 or 4 blocks) in turtle art blocks. Here you need to have fine
 control to snap things together and sometimes you struggle to get a block
 in the same quarter of the screen as the target. I recently had the
 misfortune of building a quick accelerometer demo in turtle art on Kid an
 XO-1.75 C1 with "grid" keyboard which has one of these touch pads.

 I have not investigated strategies to work around the problem.

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