#7128 HIGH Never A: Chat activity doesn't share after a suspend/resume

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Fri May 30 06:39:35 EDT 2008

#7128: Chat activity doesn't share after a suspend/resume
  Reporter:  Charlie              |       Owner:  cjb           
      Type:  defect               |      Status:  new           
  Priority:  high                 |   Milestone:  Never Assigned
 Component:  power manager (OHM)  |     Version:  Update.1      
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Comment(by Charlie):

 I know that the automatic suspend was removed in 706 (so I'm not sure how
 helpful the following is), but at yani's request I tried running the test
 again after removing the inhibit-idle-suspend flag in /etc/ohm.

 I put three XOs into a shared chat, and let one of them suspend on its
 own; it took a few minutes, but the other two XOs did recognize that the
 first had 'left' the chat. Before the first XO suspended itself, chatting
 between the two remaining laptops did not wake the first, but it worked
 fine otherwise.

 When I manually resumed the first XO, it came up, told me the other two
 XOs had left the chat, and then a few seconds later they rejoined and chat
 worked normally again between all three.

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