#7858 HIGH -: SD card's slot in XO doesn't mechanically match a card

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#7858: SD card's slot in XO doesn't mechanically match a card
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Comment(by joe):


 That was the SDHC 4GB card, don't remember the brand (I borrowed and had
 to return that card, have some cards on order, then will repeat the test).
 The card in question had a prototype MS Windows XP (for XO) on it, that, I
 guess, was the actual reason for XOs trying not to accept it! ;-)

 On a serious note, an XO laptop should be comfortable with ANY  mass
 production SD/SDHC card (you wouldn't, for example, buy a photo camera
 with such a defect!). The design or implementation (or both) of the XO's
 SD card slot looks quite sloppy to me.

 The machines were mass production XOs, the sample machine with the serial
 # CSN74804BE8. I actually tried several (4+) machines (with the same
 result), and demonstrated the outcome to our HW guru, before submitting
 this ticket.

 And, yes, I know how to correctly insert/remove a card the correct way.

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