#7858 HIGH -: SD card's slot in XO doesn't mechanically match a card

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#7858: SD card's slot in XO doesn't mechanically match a card
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 Details, please?  What brand and model of SD cards were you using?  What
 model of XO is failing (are these all mass production or G1G1 machines?
 Or earlier prototypes?  When did you receive them?).  Do you have a serial
 number of at least one of the failing machines (accessible in the battery
 compartment, or if you're running a new enough software release, from the
 "About this XO" menu on the XO in the center of the home screen)?

 Earlier prototypes didn't have a spring, and had rubber around the card
 for blocking liquid/dust entry, making it particularly hard to remove.
 It's also possible that different mass production runs used different SD
 card holders, depending what components were available at the time.

 Note that you have to insert the card "backward" (so the contacts are on
 the same side as the LCD
 screen) in the XO.  If you insert it the other way, it's *designed* not to
 go in.  (On my G1G1, it only goes in about a third of the way when
 inserted the wrong way.)  The right way is like this:  rotate the screen
 so the power button is behind the battery.  Face the screen.  Hold the SD
 card so the cut corner is on the upper left, and you can see the metal
 contacts.  Insert the card into the slot below the power button.  When
 your fingers hit the plastic, switch to pushing it in the rest of the way
 with your thumb.  It should "click" on the way in, and click again as it
 comes slightly back out until it's flush with the plastic.  It's installed
 and held in.  To remove it, push it in again with your thumb.  It should
 "click" again and the spring should push it out about half a centimeter.
 Then you can grab it and easily pull it out the rest of the way.

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