[OLPC Brasil] language and squeak

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Wed Mar 29 11:03:39 EST 2006

Walter Bender escreveu:
> While I appreciate the effort to communicate in English and Portuguese on
> this list, I think that since the list is primarily to serve as a vehicle
> to communication with and between people who's native language is
> Portuguese, that should be the language of record. I may be the only one on
> the list who speaks no Portuguese, but I can count on some help from my
> friends and colleagues.

Certo, continuando em português, então.

> Regarding Squeak, I cannot speak for Alan, but I think that there are some
> efforts underway to make sure it runs in some fashion on the machine. We
> have been debating from Day One the extent to which we make environments
> such as Squeak the center or the edge of the user experience. It would be
> worth hearing some opinions on the topic.

Acho que a tentativa de se obter os mesmos resultados que o Squeak com
Python/SVG/JavaScript e assim por diante vai acabar dando mais trabalho
do que simplesmente dar uma melhorada no próprio Squeak para que se
encaixe melhor neste projeto.

-- Jecel

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