[OLPC Brasil] language and squeak

Walter Bender walter at media.mit.edu
Tue Mar 28 17:47:42 EST 2006

While I appreciate the effort to communicate in English and Portuguese on
this list, I think that since the list is primarily to serve as a vehicle
to communication with and between people who's native language is
Portuguese, that should be the language of record. I may be the only one on
the list who speaks no Portuguese, but I can count on some help from my
friends and colleagues.

Regarding Squeak, I cannot speak for Alan, but I think that there are some
efforts underway to make sure it runs in some fashion on the machine. We
have been debating from Day One the extent to which we make environments
such as Squeak the center or the edge of the user experience. It would be
worth hearing some opinions on the topic.


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