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Daniel Ajoy da.ajoy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 00:37:53 EST 2007

Aquí se identifican 5 diferentes tipos de contenidos:


Los libros de texto
Contenidos multimediáticos
Artes y Cultura
Prestaciones únicas

sacados de aquí:


E Ethan Zuckerman a su vez obtuvo esa información de
S. J. Klein, director de contenidos de la OLPC

quien, en los comentarios de esa misma entrada de blog

> I should note that the content we were talking about above 
> was primarily from the standpoint of the classroom and 
> materials normally/already available there.
> The really interesting content, where we put most of OLPC´s 
> efforts, fall under `unique capabilities´ such as 
> large-scale projects, creative tools, simulations, and 
> games; and arts, culture, literature, and supplements in 
> the broadest sense - including what children create while 
> learning and playing, what teachers design for themselves 
> and their students, and what communities preserve and share 
> through public performances, libraries, museums, centers, 
> and other institutions of learning outside the classroom.
> Each of these categories is far larger than traditional 
> texts, supplements and media. Then again there will be 
> overlap as children and teachers begin to create and share 
> among themselves their own texts and media, once they have 
> access to a networked publishing platform. Manuals and 
> how-tos are only a footnote compared to other categories 
> mentioned, and came up primarily because a curator who 
> works on tech manuals for a living was in the room. 

Daniel Ajoy

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