[laptop-accessibility] Touchpad is not accessible friendly

Carlos mauro unimauro at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 18:48:02 EST 2008

I agree.

For versions of the XO 1.5 or 2.0 would be my suggestion to place the cam
and the microphone at the top of the screen of the laptop. Use eyetracking
recognition technologies or the use of touchscreen or something similary to
gnome speech desktop

2008/11/19 David K Parker <davparker at gmail.com>

> In looking at the laptop specs I noticed the mouse input is a touchpad.
> This makes the laptop inaccessible for kids with artificial hands. The
> touchpad technology is not good at all for people who wear prosthesis. This
> limitation can be addressed by providing a trackpoint type alternative. It's
> really a shame that technology companies don't think about these unecessary
> limitations for people with disabilities. I bet there are many kids missing
> limbs due to landmines that will be affected by this technology hurdle. I
> know because I'm missing my hands due to an accident. Technology should be
> used to allow people to overcome disabilities, not adding additional
> obstacles to oversome. Please pass this info on to the developers of the
> laptops.
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