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Kevin Crews kcrews at imsa.edu
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I'm Kevin from IMSA--didn't get a chance to introduce myself in the last
I feel that our main problem at IMSA is getting people to make the
commitment to our existing projects.  I feel that 'swag' could help us
advertise as well as give away a cool gift to our members.  Stickers sound
very cool.  T-shirts are always great.


On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Gregory Marra <
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>  It was tricky to get our hands on XOs when we first started doing the
> Olin University Chapter. That held us up from trying to get it worked into
> curriculum while people were still really excited from the first initial
> meetings.
> I feel like stickers are cool and inexpensive giveaways. I would enjoy
> stickers that have the XO man and say "My other laptop is green" or "My
> other laptop has bunny ears" that you can stick on your primary laptop.
> If we hit critical mass, biweekly IRC designed hang out and brainstorm
> times might be cool too.
> Just some things,
> Greg Marra - Olin College
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> Hi everybody,
> I'm Seth Woodworth, from OLPC.  I'm based here in Boston (Hi Nikki, Tank,
> et al) but I really want to help foster University groups.  There are
> already some great community processes for University students to get
> involved, get laptops, and (hopefully) get educational materials to
> kids[1].
> But what we're trying to build are some better systems for enabling your
> organizations to organize yourselves.  Sj and I (nikki mel and others) have
> some ideas about what would help but we also want to hear from you.  What do
> you want to see from OLPC?  How can we best support what *you* want to do?
> Some ideas:
> * Project ideas / requirements
> * Supply laptops for projects
> * Swag:
> * * T-shirts
> * * Stickers
> * * Silocone bracelets (ala livestrong)
> * << Your Idea Here >>
> I'm really interested in hearing from you, and hopefully together we can
> build a project early this school year.
> All the best
> --S
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